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ESAB® Self-Shielded Flux Cored Wires

We supply self-shielded flux cored wires from ESAB®

Please note the content on this page is an exact representation of the ESAB® products to date, taken from the company website.

Hardfacing Wires

Stoody Dynamang-O deposit is an austenitic manganese steel containing Cr and some Ni. It produces a tough, high-strength deposit that work hardens under impact.


Mild Steel Wires

ESAB® has 2 offerings of Mild Steel Wires

  • Coreshield 15

An all-position self-shielded flux cored welding wire for single-pass applications. 

  • Coreshield 8

A cored wire designed to weld critical structural applications while maintaining excellent arc characteristics and high welder appeal using DCEN polarity.


Stainless Steel Wires

ESAB® has 3 product offerings of Stainless Steel Wires

  • Core-Bright 308L

  • Core-Bright 309L

  • Core-Bright 316L

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